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Yuna and Rikku

Hi everyone!  I just joined a minute ago, and I wanted to share two chapters in what I'm hoping will be a continuing saga of the love between Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy X.

The first story is rated NC-17 for sexual content that may offend people with vanilla tastes (they're cousins, after all)...the second story is PG-13.


The party stopped by the glowing blue-white orb at the beginning of the winding path they were to take through the dense Macalania Woods momentarily on their journey to the Ice Temple.  In the distance Yuna the Summoner spotted a swarm of brightly coloured blue and red butterflies, and sighed as her silent confusion mounted.  This ethereal place brought out her feelings more than usual.  A soft touch on her bare shoulder gently interrupted her pensive musing.  The hand belonged to Rikku, who was still shaking from her scare in the Thunder Plains.

“Yunie, I was so worried out there.  That lightning…I still can’t get it out of my head!”  Yuna turned to look at Rikku, whose face was set in determination not to look weak in front of the group.  “Let’s go over into that clearing around the corner for a second,” Yuna said gently.  She put her arm around Rikku and turned her head back to the group to explain, “We’ll be right back.”

Tidus rolled his eyes in exasperation and whined, “What’s Rikku’s problem, anyway?  It was just a bit of lightning!”  Auron interrupted.  “Let them be for a moment.  We’ve come a long way, and this journey is taking its toll on all of us,” he drawled calmly.  Tidus groaned, “Aw, man!” and crossed his arms in boyish petulance.  Auron was about to scold him again, but looking over at the younger man pouting, with his platinum blonde locks being teased by a forest breeze and highlighted by a shaft of sunlight that had snuck between the thick, gnarled branches above them, he felt something for the boy he’d never felt before.  For now, though, he kept that feeling to himself – Lulu, Wakka, and Kimahri were still right beside them.

Once Yuna and Rikku were out of sight, Rikku’s eyes started welling up with tears.  “Oh Yunie, why does he have to be so…so…mean?  He just doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose a sibling!  The lightning reminds me of my brother’s death every time I see it!”   Rikku threw her arms around Yuna and clung to her pathetically, shaking with silent sobbing.  Yuna, still lost in her own dilemma, simply petted Rikku’s hair and said nothing.  Yuna realized for the first time how soft Rikku’s hair was.  It had the light scent of flowers, too.

It was so unusual to see the normally perky little blonde Al Bhed girl like this.  Maybe this really was the right moment for decisive action.  Her pity for Rikku helped her find the words.  “I have a confession,” Yuna whispered into her ear.  Her warm breath comforted Rikku, and her sobbing let up a bit.  “On one hand, I am very attracted to Tidus,” said the Summoner.  Rikku scowled at this, but Yuna continued anyway.   “But…well…I have started to see things about him of late that…well…make me uncomfortable.”  

Rikku nodded and smirked a little.  “No kidding!” she managed to say between sobs, and even chuckled a little.  Ah, Yuna thought, this is more like the Rikku I know.  Gazing into a pair of exotic bright green Al Bhed eyes, she brushed away the remaining tears in them.  Yuna pressed her lips tenderly to Rikku’s cheek.  It felt so good that Yuna understood – nobody else seemed to care.  She knew Wakka was uncomfortable with having an Al Bhed in the group, Lulu was cold and emotionless even at the best of times, Auron had too much on his mind, and Kimahri was a typical stoic Ronso.  

Suddenly Rikku remembered something. “What about Maester Seymour?  Are you marrying him?”  For some reason Rikku was dreading the answer.  She wasn’t quite sure why she cared so much.  Rikku awaited the answer with downcast eyes, and shuffled her feet in the dirt.  Yuna paused for a long time before she said, “Yes.  Y-yes, I am.”  Rikku looked sad again.  “But it’s for the good of Spira.  It’s…it’s my duty as a Summoner.  I must.”

“So…so, you don’t love him?” Rikku asked hopefully and dared to look up again.  “No,” Yuna shook her head.  She was about to say something else, but her throat was clenched tight.  Her face softened as Rikku’s eyes met her green and blue ones yet again, and they looked at each other longingly for a minute.  

As if her body was acting independently from her mind, Yuna found her arms around Rikku’s waist and their lips pressed together before she was even aware of it.  A wave of joy washed over Rikku.  Yuna was startled for a moment as Rikku’s tongue slid into her mouth, but that feeling of surprise just served to spark her own passionate response.  She found her hands wandering up and down Rikku’s back, enjoying the feeling of her slender young body against her own.   She longed to feel the smooth flesh underneath that leather shirt.  Rikku’s thoughts must have been along the same lines, because her eager hands were gently removing the fabric covering Yuna’s breasts at that moment.  Rikku nuzzled between them when they were uncovered and stroked them lovingly.  Then she started planting little kisses, beginning in the cleavage and ending on Yuna’s left nipple, which she began to suck on slowly and sensually.  Rikku bent down on her knees afterward, lifted Yuna’s skirt, and pleasured her with her tongue.  Yuna pulled at Rikku’s dreadlocks as her breathing became heavier.  She had just enough presence of mind to finally lift Rikku’s leather shirt off, and looked down for a moment at her half-naked body, which made her shudder even more.

Rikku stood up and their mouths met again; this time Yuna could taste her own scent on Rikku’s tongue.  Yuna’s fingers found their way down to Rikku’s already loose belt, unbuckled it, and flung it to the ground.  Her little green shorts soon followed her belt in its plummet downward.  Rikku gasped and went limp when she realized Yuna’s finger had already slipped inside of her.  She dug into Yuna’s back with her nails, which in turn made Yuna gasp in pleasure and pain.  She hungrily sucked on Rikku’s tongue with renewed vigor, and withdrew her finger from the wetness in favor of the clit.  Rikku arched her back as Yuna applied more and more pressure.  The wave of joy had now become a tsunami of pleasure, and she forgot her name as it swelled to its greatest height.  There was neither time nor space at that moment, just their union.  Just when she thought she might drown in the sensation, it subsided again.  Yuna cradled Rikku’s naked body in her arms again, which was fortunate because Rikku could no longer stand or move.

When Yuna sensed that Rikku was living in the present moment again, she mentioned, “By the way, there was a third part of my confession.”  Rikku looked a little puzzled, but Yuna just looked at her and smiled.  “What was it, Yunie?”  Yuna just continued to smile.  “Do I really need to tell you now?” she winked as she straightened her skirt.  Rikku beamed.

A minute later, they heard Tidus’s distant shouting.  “C’mon!  How long is this going to take?  We have to get going!  You said you’d be right back!”  Yuna and Rikku exchanged knowing looks and giggled.  After Rikku hurriedly put her clothes back on, they took each other’s hands and headed back out of the clearing and onto the main forest path where Tidus was fuming.

“You sure look happy now,” Tidus quipped at Rikku.  He turned to Yuna.  “What in the world did you tell her?’

But Yuna just smiled and started walking away.  “Didn’t you say we had to go, Tidus?”

Yuna sat alone under the bright early afternoon sunlight on a grassy plain in the Calm Lands, exhausted.  She could barely keep her eyes open long enough to see a group of Chocobos happily trotting by.  The campsite in Macalania Woods was the only rest she'd had since the group had defeated Seymour for the second time (and her Aeons did the majority of the work, which drained her energy almost completely).  And that night at camp wasn't even much of a rest at all.

In fact, it just made her confused all over again.  The worst part of all was having the time to start doubting the teachings of Yevon for the very first time in her young life.  How could they betray their own dogma like that?  She had to shake her head, because their hypocritical use of all those forbidden Machina seemed like a bad dream.  She wished it had been just that.  She wished those whirring mechanical sounds still ringing in her ears would just go away.

While swimming in the lake, she also had time to wonder what she really wanted from Tidus.  He had walked into the lake with her, getting himself all soggy, and tried his best to comfort her.  The advice he gave was awkward at best, but it was also very endearing.  He even held her and kissed her when she started crying.  She had to admit to herself that it felt wonderful to be in his arms at that moment.  

Yet, Rikku was in the back of her mind the whole time.  Her smiling face, her upbeat attitude - it always lifted Yuna out of her sorrow.  But where was she that night at the lake?  Yuna felt a little betrayed that her cousin, her lover, had not been the one to come to her.  As cocky as Tidus is, Yuna thought, at least he has always been there for me.  But she couldn't stop wishing that she was holding Rikku again.  I can't think about that now, she said to herself.  I must rest.  Yet, despite her efforts to put her nagging doubts out of her mind, a single tear escaped from her tightly closed eye and ran down her cheek onto the grass.

Another Chocobo bounced by.  Yuna heard the footsteps go off into the distance and approach again several times.  This Chocobo must be bored, she thought.  She opened one eye.  Mounted on the bright yellow-feathered beast was a smirking Rikku, who was looking down at Yuna with amusement.  "You're so cute when you're asleep, Yunie!" she chirped sunnily, and then rode the Chocobo off into the distance again.

"Hmph," Yuna mumbled to herself.  How convenient, she mused, trying to ignore the fact that her heart had skipped a beat at the sound of Rikku's voice.  A fairweather lover, indeed, she thought, and rolled over on her side.

But Yuna wasn't to get rest any time soon.  Not five minutes later, she heard two arguing voices in the distance, growing louder as the discussion became more heated.  "What??  You what???" yelled a familiar voice.  "That's right!  We did!  So butt out!" yelled another familiar voice.  Yuna groaned as she realized Tidus was arguing with Rikku.  There was a moment of tense silence, then Rikku screamed "famm VILG OUI DRAH!"  Yuna stifled a laugh.  Rikku had just told off a perplexed Tidus in Al Bhed.

It was a good thing Yuna had already given up on the idea of getting any rest at all, because Rikku was racing over to her again on her Chocobo, this time scowling.  As she got closer Yuna noticed her face was also red.  "How COULD you, Yuna???" Rikku sputtered as she clumsily dismounted.  Yuna furrowed her brow and sat up slowly.  "How could I what?" Yuna mumbled, rubbing her temples.  

"How could could slept with Tidus!" Rikku accused, and in a fit of anger she threw a vial of Al Bhed potion at a nearby rock.  "Ow!" she yelled, jumping.  The vial had shattered and an airborne piece nicked her ankle.  Putting off her explanation for a minute, Yuna had to stifle a laugh yet again shook her head as her spunky little cousin rocked back and forth on the ground saying "Owwie!"  She crawled over to Rikku and cast Cure on the wound.  

Rikku tried to smile, but started pouting again instead.  "I thought we had something, Yunie.  Something really special.  And now Tidus is saying you two got together at the lake!"  Rikku frowned.  "Why didn't you tell me?" she choked.

"He did?  He said we got together?"  Yuna furrowed her brow again.  "I'm going to have to have a talk with him.  I never made any committment to him...we...just had a moment.  He comforted me when I needed it.  That was all."

"A moment??"  Rikku glared.

"He held me, and we kissed.  That was all, honestly."  Yuna answered mildly.  She wondered to herself why she wasn't annoyed at Rikku's little tantrum.  "You really care that much?"

Rikku pouted again.  "Yeah, of course!  I love you Yunie!" she answered without hesitation, and flung her arms around Yuna's neck.  So she really does care, Yuna thought, and kissed the top of Rikku's head affectionately.  Yuna wished she could hold Rikku forever, forget her pilgrimmage, forget being a summoner, and live like everyone else.  She knew at that moment that Rikku meant everything to her.

"I..." she started, but couldn't finish.  "I...lo..."  Rikku was looking at her intently, waiting for the rest of the sentence.  "I...I lost my" and looked around, realizing that this wasn't the most clever thing to fill in the blank with, since her staff was lying right next to her.  Yuna sighed, smiled at her own foolishness, looked at Rikku, and took a deep breath.  "I love you too...very much.  And I..."  Rikku smiled broadly and gave Yuna a peck on the lips before she could finish her sentence.  "I knew that was what you were trying to say, silly!  Don't you feel better now?"

Yuna smiled again.  "Yes, a whole lot.  You sure forgot about that glass in your ankle quickly, though."

"Oh well," Rikku replied, and mounted her Chocobo again.  "See you later!"

Still smiling, Yuna laid back down on the grass, knowing she could get her first good sleep in a while.
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