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Title: Ambivalent Lucidity: Rewrite (19/23)
Rating: R
Author: sakaim
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: When Draco Malfoy's mental health mysteriously declines, he is placed under the care of the only person he responds to: Harry Potter.
Warnings: Violence, rape, character death, mental illnesses (Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress, Paranoid Schizophrenia), slash, Pre-HBP

Harry knew the moment that they stepped on the Hogwarts Express that this would not be a fun train ride. He and Draco snagged a compartment together while Ron and Hermione headed off to do their Prefect duties, and the moment the door closed, Draco withdrew and sat by the large window, his knees drawn to his chest as he stared out the window with a stricken expression. Have gave pause for a moment, watching him, before he walked over and tucked his arm around his shoulder. “It’s going to be fine, you know.” His voice was not nearly as steady or as strong as he would have liked it to be, but when Draco turned his face up to him, he smiled and cupped his cheek, leaning down to kiss him.

Draco seemed to instantly relax, his feet moving to the floor again, and Harry felt his heart give a little flutter in his chest. He recalled how he had felt the night before when he and Draco had slipped behind the statue in the hallway and he had begun to undress Draco. He could see the blonde’s eyes widen in anticipation as Harry’s hands opened his robes, and he could feel his fury at Hermione having found them. Draco seemed to be thinking along the same lines, for he wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck and rubbed his lips against the shell of Harry’s ear. “We’re not going to be alone for a long while…” It was true. They would no doubt be closely monitored for the next two weeks at the Burrow. Harry met Draco’s eyes to confirm that it was Draco who was speaking, and it was.

Harry’s tongue plunged into Draco’s mouth, and he flicked his wand so the curtains on the inside of the compartment slammed shut. Another flick and the door was locked, then his hands were wandering all over Draco, feeling his razor-sharp hips and the soft concave curve of his ribcage. Draco was arching into him, and Harry shifted their positions so that Draco was lying on the cushioned seat and he was lying on top of him. He could feel Draco’s cock pressing into his stomach, and he arched his back upward a little so he could slide a hand between them, and he deftly undid Draco’s robes before his hand slipped into them. His fingertips met the other’s arousal, and he seized it, dragging his mouth from the blonde’s lips to his neck. His robes were pushed apart, and the shirt beneath was unbuttoned before Harry was assaulting his nipples with a slithering tongue.

Draco’s eyes rolled as Harry trailed lower and lower, his hand a steadying weight on his erection, and he knew what was coming before it happened. The cold frame of glasses dropped onto his stomach, and he reached down to take them away the split second before two warm, pliant lips slipped over the head of his cock, and he whimpered. Lucius had never done this. The other Death Eaters had never wrapped their mouths around him and showed him that it was all right; no, that privilege was all Harry’s. He felt his trousers being pushed down to his knees and past them, and he spread his thighs wantonly as Harry buried his head between his legs.

Harry had absolutely no idea what he was doing. Judging from the sounds Draco was making, he was doing something right, and so he swiped his tongue over the glans, over the shaft, then engulfed Draco in his mouth as fully as he could. His right hand pushed up Draco’s testes and he palmed his perineum, massaging it rather clumsily as Draco’s hands threaded into his hair and helped him with his mouth’s slick strokes. His tongue lashed the other boy’s penis as he sucked him off, relishing the mild taste of him. He produced enough saliva to gather some on the tip of his finger, and he slipped it between Draco’s buttocks, gently massaging his anus as his mouth worked furiously. How he longed to fuck Draco then, to move over him and push in to the hilt, but he knew he must content himself with this for now.

The sudden presence of that finger made Draco gasp, and he arched his hips upward to give Harry better access to his opening. He threw his forearm over his eyes and yelped as Harry placed a wonderful, exquisite pressure on his perineum, and he shuddered. “Harry, I won’t…I won’t last…I…” It had been perhaps three minutes since Harry had begun and suddenly Draco was coming with force in Harry’s mouth, sitting up with the sheer pleasure of it, and he was yelling without care that there was no Silencing Charm placed on the compartment. There was a surge of voices outside, but he ignored it as he collapsed back onto the seat and trembled. “Fuck…”

The taste was foreign to Harry, but not unpleasant, and he had had to fight his gag reflex when Draco shoved himself deep into Harry’s mouth to come. Jets of ejaculate plastered the back of his throat and he swallowed convulsively, so horny he did not even hear Draco screaming in ecstasy. He sat back up and helped Draco dress properly again, taking a moment to call through the door that it was all right, that it was Draco and he was not well, then he leaned back in his seat and rubbed himself through his robes.

Draco’s eyes landed on Harry touching himself like this and he moaned, flocking to his side and burying his face in Harry’s neck. “Take it out, Harry,” he breathed, and he watched as Harry eased his aching erection from the confines of his clothes. His tongue snaked out to drag along Harry’s neck and ear, his eyes never budging from the sight of Harry stroking himself and moaning. He moved his mouth up to Harry’s ear, tracing the shell of the ear before whispering, “If this train weren’t so bumpy, I’d just love to hop on, you know…” Harry whimpered at this and pumped faster, his eyes squeezed closed in fantasy. “I’d crawl onto your lap and let you fuck me as hard as you wanted…Would you like that, Harry? Would you like me to sit on that big cock of yours?”

“Yes…” Harry breathed shakily, and he spread his legs a bit, his thighs tensing up. “Fuck, I’d love it, Draco…”

“So would I…” Then, to Harry’s utter shock, Draco slipped off the seat and quickly shed his robes and trousers, and he got onto all fours, displaying his arse to Harry. “Just imagine it, Harry…”

Harry dropped onto the floor and got to his knees behind Draco. He pressed the tip of his arousal to Draco’s opening and pushed just slightly, not enough to penetrate him, but enough to let him know he was there. Draco squeezed his buttocks around the head of Harry’s penis, and Harry gasped, grabbing Draco’s hip and jerking off furiously so that, on every stroke, his cock hit Draco’s arse, and in a few moments he was coming hard on Draco’s perfectly rounded buttocks. He pushed the erupting head to Draco’s anus again, warm streams of semen coating it, and he choked out Draco’s name before he fell back, breathing hard and fast. Draco took care of the cleanup, and Harry smiled weakly at him, supposing that the train ride would certainly not be all bad. He tucked himself back in his pants before he moved onto the seat again and took Draco in his arms, cuddling him. “That was amazing…” Draco seemed incapable of speech and merely nodded, holding tightly to Harry.

The pair dozed until Hermione unlocked the door and came in with Ron at her heels. “Sorry we were gone so long,” she said a little breathlessly, and she grinned at Ron before she sat down across from Harry, who was blinking groggily. “I trust you two didn’t miss us…” Her eyes roamed over the bite marks on Harry’s neck and she blushed a little, the image of finding them behind the statue the previous night. Harry blushed, and she cleared her throat a little.

“Why on earth would we miss you, you filthy little Mudblood?” This statement was issued harshly from Draco lips, and Harry looked down at him sharply. “Filthy creature…You’d never step one muddy little foot into my house, you hideous animal, you can mark my words!”

To her credit, Hermione took it in stride, and she gave Draco—rather, his newest personality—a very stern look. “Excuse me,” she said dangerously, and she glared at the blonde boy. “Why don’t you shove your purist bullshit right back up your arse where it belongs?” She was pleased to see him look shocked, and she leaned on Ron’s shoulder.

“Your thoughts have been straying to my arse, have they, Mudblood?” the personality hissed, and Harry scooted away from his boyfriend. “In that case, I won’t be putting anything near it save for some good, strong soap to wipe away your filth with!” He turned on Ron. “And YOU, you nasty little blood traitor…”

Harry groaned and leaned back against the seat. It was a very, very long train ride back to King’s Cross.

Draco reappeared just before they disembarked, and he leaned heavily into Harry, looking extremely nervous. “Sorry guys,” he mumbled to Ron and Hermione, who merely shook their head. Hermione gripped Harry’s hand for a moment before they left the compartment, and Draco turned to his boyfriend. “Harry, something bad’s going to happen,” he claimed weakly, and he heaved a deep sigh. “I just know it…”

Harry frowned and gave Draco a little squeeze before picking up Hedwig’s cage and taking Draco’s hand. “I think we’ll be fine, Draco. Just stay very close to me, okay?” he asked, and he smiled as the blonde leaned into his shoulder. “There we go.” They walked side-by-side through the corridor and left the train, immediately pummeled by a sharp northern wind. “Feels like snow again soon…Look, there’s Lupin to pick us up!”

Remus was indeed heading over, a grin on his face as he took Hedwig from Harry and began walking with the boys towards the platform barrier. “Ready for a good winter break, boys?” he asked with a smile that, to Harry, made it seem as though Lupin had been drinking a bit.

“Er, yeah…” Harry said, and he released Draco’s hand as Hedwig began squawking in her cage. He took her back from Remus and frowned at her, reprimanding her for a moment before he looked back up to Remus. “Sorry, I…Where’s Mrs. Weasley?” He thought it odd that they did not have the usual guard with them. Ron and Hermione were discussing something with McGonagall, and Ginny had disappeared into the crowd, the usual guard was mysteriously absent.

Then Harry saw it—Remus Lupin was rushing towards them through the crowd, wand aloft, and Harry dropped Hedwig’s cage in shock. Hedwig screeched, getting the attention of the entire platform, and Harry shoved Draco back hard, drawing his wand and holding it in front of him. “Lucius,” he spat, and he saw Remus’s face break into a maniacal grin. “Impedimenta!”

Lucius dodged the curse, sidestepping it and dashing forward to make a grab for Draco. “No!” Harry yelped, and he went to raise his wand again before he felt Draco ripped from his side. “Draco!” But it was only Ron who had pulled Draco back. Harry felt himself being pulled back as well, and he watched as Tonks and the real Lupin moved in to started casting curses at Lucius, who had suddenly drawn his wand. Harry heard the unmistakable incantation for the Cruciatus curse, and he turned to look at Draco, who was struggling against Ron. “Draco, relax, it’s just—”

“Harry, NO!” Harry turned his head to see an identical Ron Weasley rushing for them, and panic flooded through him. He tried to pull himself from the arms of whomever was holding him—a look confirmed it to be an imposter Hermione—and he broke free of their grasp a moment before, amidst the mass of confused and frightened students, he saw Draco turn to meet his gaze, those grey eyes filled with fear.

“Draco!” he yelled, and he tried to push his way to that blonde head, but his classmates were beginning to panic as Unforgivables flew in every direction. He could hear someone screaming in agony; it sounded like a young girl. He reached out for Draco, and he kicked someone very hard in his attempt to lunge at him, but he tripped and was stepped on several times before he was able to right himself again. He stood sharply and looked around desperately, and he caught sight of Draco once more before there was an ominous pop, and both Draco and the imposter Ron were gone.

“FUCK!” Harry screeched, and he spun around, looking for someone, anyone that could do something. There was no one in the crowd of over a thousand, and he gave a choked sob before he stood stock-still and closed his eyes.

He began to concentrate. Malfoy Manor, Malfoy Manor…Where else would Lucius have taken Draco?! He suddenly felt a sickening feeling of having his insides squished uncomfortably together, and he yelled as the Platform disappeared around him. A moment later, he tumbled onto the grass before a sweeping white mansion atop a green hill, and he could hear someone screaming.

“I’m coming…” he breathed, and he started off up the sweeping lawn towards the garden.

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