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Final Fantasy IX fic, first chapter!

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Title: Final Fantasy IX: One Girl, Two Worlds
Genre: Drama/Adventure/Suspense/Partially AU...
Rating: PG-13 due to language, violence, least mildly suggestive themes. There may be some graphic-ness to come as the plot goes along.

Summary: Taking place in a futuristic Earth, it's the year 2029. A new and thriving game company previously called up their closest volunteer, Debbie, to test out this new virtuality simulation game that's an unbelievably cool remake of one of her all times favorite RPG games: Final Fantasy Nine. Something goes wrong during the simulation game...and it's not really the average "person gets sucked into game" story. If I revealed anymore I'd be spoiling!

Additional Warnings and Author Notes: Featuring in-game spoilers! If you haven't played FF9 and don't want to be spoiled, then this story is not for you.

The first 3 chapters are done, and I'll start writing chapter 4 soon. They're pretty lengthy. So it's best to post one at a time. Also, the story's GETTING there in which Gaia will be mentioned but right now I had to take the time to make Debbie and her world as real as I possibly could. Gradually, it's getting to the world transition part. I do love my new OC character. I hope you readers will too.

Final Fantasy IX: One Girl, Two Worlds

Chapter 1 – The Way Early Rising

Today’s the day, Debbie Willow thought excitedly as she sat up in bed. It was dark, and all the lights in her bedroom were off. The electronic voice from her alarm clock chirped, “Today is not a school day, Miss Debbie. Gee, you sure are up early this morning! Earlier than usual.”

“Oh shut up,” Debbie quietly muttered to it. The tone in her voice was that of mild annoyance, but the smile couldn’t be washed off her face, even if all the annoying, stupid A.I. clocks of the world decided to talk to her. Usually in her conscious mind, Debbie would groan or growl at the old airhead clock model her mother got for her last Christmas. The beginning to this day was different, for once.

She took a moment to let what was to happen sit in her head. It was a damn good thing that she didn’t have to get ready for school, because at about noon, she’d be at the new game designer’s building, in what used to be some other business building Debbie’s seen before, but didn’t care about. It was some food advertisement building that she only asked her mother once about. Debbie never was interested in that place back then, during the past two years. Too bad. Big deal. Some food commercial making company had a short lived business in her neighborhood city and left to go elsewhere.

Now that the place belonged to a new kind of video game developer in the making, there was a free opportunity to try their new product out. Debbie had was selected, because she was probably the closest volunteer around. Sure, there had to be hundreds of other people that wanted to try out the all new virtual reality simulation game, but the big man upstairs A.K.A. God was smiling down upon her on this day.

The game just wasn’t any game, either. It was to be a grand and outstanding remake of Final Fantasy Nine, one of her all time favorite of the old Final Fantasies she had on her Playstation Two. It’s been a long while since she played it too! Final Fantasy was one of the best ever RPG series ever created other than The Legend of Zelda series, in her opinion.

Debbie started to get out of bed, stifling the urge to squeal that would wake up Mom. What escaped out of her mouth was a little squeak, a noise a mouse would make when frightened when seeing something larger than itself. To think of feeling and experiencing the adventures in Gaia with Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, and the rest; it was supposed to look as if she were actually there with them. If she could reach out and touch them, as what was promised by that phone call Debbie got from yesterday, then all of her dreams about being with the characters would come true! She’d get to (or actually try NOT to) glomp the adorable little black mage known as Vivi!

Debbie knew ever since she first played Final Fantasy Nine when she was thirteen that she looked a lot like Princess Garnet (or Dagger, the name the princess gave herself to act like a normal girl). That meant she could have a little bit of fun with Zidane...and poor Captain Adelbert Steiner would be confused at first to tell her apart from his actual princess he had to protect. Debbie had thought about that scene over and over in her head, as her imagination helped her think in what it would be like if she actually set foot on their world, Gaia. The little familiar daydream of it made her giggle whenever she would will herself back to it. She could almost always imagine the look of shock or puzzlement on the knight’s face! That particular image would bring up the giggles for sure.

Freya Crescent, the Dragon Knight Burmecian was another favorite character of hers. In fact, all the playable characters were awesome, but Freya, Zidane, Vivi, and Steiner were her most favorites. It would be so cool to slay monsters by her side...and to actually watch her fight! To watch them all fight all real life-like! WOW. The opportunity to play the game in a whole new way at noon today was too good to be true!

All these thoughts were what prevented Debbie for even trying to go back to sleep.

This new gaming technology required to wear a head set that looked a lot like the kind of headset with the earphones and little microphone she wore when voice chatting and surfing online at her laptop computer. She knew about it before hand by looking at the jpegs of it on the new game developer’s website. Instead of acting like normal earphones, it would do more. Inside the soft coverings were sensors that would activate at least four of the five senses; sight, smell, touch, and hearing. The sense of taste was not really confirmed to be true, but surely Debbie probably won’t get to experience more than a couple hours of the experience.

Anybody with this super advanced technology obviously had to have a tight schedule on their hands. Even though Debbie could go through a whole day without having to eat or go to the bathroom, that would most likely wouldn’t turn out that way. At least after experiencing two hours of this experience could make Debbie feel that she could sort of die happy now, like any other common Final Fantasy Nine fanatic would.

The developers called themselves Simone Incorporated. According to the “About” section on their website, they named themselves after a very old movie about a film producer who created a simulation of a realistic looking woman to bring entertainment to the world. Well, that’s what Mom told Debbie anyway. She never really saw it, and didn’t have that much of an interest to see it, but the name made perfect sense to her. What they were doing with the remake of Final Fantasy Nine was basically the same thing as that one guy did in the movie.

When her pale bare feet touched the fuzzy carpet of the floor, the luminescent lights on the ceiling of her bedroom automatically turned on. She had to blink several times to get rid of the blinding glare, as she’s done about a hundred or so times before over the past four years of having to wake up before the sun had to rise. That was the cruelty of school these days, and during the past generations. Her mother said that it was the same for her, in growing up in the early start of the twenty-first century. The sun would rise by the time anyone would get to school, from three miserable years or middle school to the better ones in high school.

As Debbie was stretching her arms, she was walking in through a dark open doorway across from her bed. It wasn’t dark for long, because the ceiling light in her bathroom turned on. The big mirror over the eloquent, bleach white sink showed Debbie her grinning face. Her brown eyes were wide open and showed her how she was unable to hold in her excitement. Her hair was dark and a little wavy. Her hair would’ve looked exactly like Princess Garnet’s if there weren’t any red highlights, and it looked messy and a little out of place.

To make a good impression when meeting the guys behind the ultimate remake of her favorite game, she wanted to shower, get dressed and look the part of being Garnet’s slightly taller clone. She also wanted to make a good impression when meeting her favorite characters. Besides wanting to meet Vivi, Zidane, Freya, and Steiner, she also could not resist in being excited to meet Blank, Baku, Cinna, Marcus... and maybe Kuja! Debbie figured since this was going to be a whole new way of playing video games, then almost anything could happen.

“I always could think of a number of possibilities if Kuja and I would come face to face,” Debbie said to herself. She turned her head, smiling at the date on the calendar monitor on the wall. Written in her own electronic penmanship on the date of the twelfth of November, two thousand twenty-nine read, “FF9 Day,” with little hearts drawn around the words. To Debbie, her smile felt brighter. Her heart fluttered with joy as she briefly left her bathroom to her closet wardrobe. She had to look good in front of the others. In particular, she wanted to wear something that represented the kind of person she was, and to be out there to stand out in a crowd. The hair would be one thing, and her outfit would be the other.

The colorful sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and spaghetti strap shirts were put together by colors so that it would look like a rainbow of color so she wouldn’t have a hassle in finding which top she wanted to put on. For today, she wanted to find the shiny, cherry red tee with the word “Groovy” on the front, in white psychedelic letters. It was also a bit shorter than the other t-shirts, so that it would show just a hint of her stomach. A little bit of sex appeal in her appearance wouldn’t hurt, or so that was what Debbie thought at least. Besides, it was one of her favorite casual tees to wear by privilege. Debbie’s “Groovy” shirt certainly expressed what sort of person she was; optimistic, out there, and humorous, with a lust for thrills.

Debbie was a bit of a fashion freak. She’d always end up getting something to match with whatever new jeans or shirt she would purchase from the local mall’s J.C. Penny. When she bought the “Groovy” shirt, she had found the perfect sized skin tight pants that were leather. It had matched the shirt in color too. If she couldn’t find anything to match with the clothing item of interest, she wouldn’t buy it. It was only common sense to her.

Every shirt had to be organized by color too. This method proved itself to help Debbie spend less time fussing and searching for whatever she had or wanted to wear.

School disliked such clothing as her “Groovy” shirt, and today was not a day she had to go to school. It was a day that only the faculty and staff would have some kind of boring meeting on how to make their system more grueling and miserable for their students. That’s how Debbie saw it, anyway. She mused to herself over that while organizing together the rest of the outfit she would wear for the day.

...I say we should make the food in the cafeteria less tolerable to eat. Then, we can push out more than enough pop quizzes and tests to make sure the kids don’t flunk out and have to repeat their grades! Anyone in favor of that idea?

Debbie sighed and shook her head. Thank God she turned eighteen over the recent weekend. She was eventually going to graduate before the school year would end.

With the silent press of a glowing red button, the top rack that displayed a bunch of tops together had started to rotate at a slow pace. The light was already on, as usual. It would come on the same time as the ceiling lights in her room.

Now, it was a Tuesday. It was a good thing it was on a Tuesday, for she despised Mondays for they meant the start of what would usually be a boring, lame-ass week of school stuff. Debbie summed it all up in two words: school sucked. It ultimately sucked. School was like going to prison, but instead of making license plates and community service, there were tests, tests, and more tests...with quizzes and the torture of projects and book reports on the side. There was a half hour lunch break. The classes she had were Algebra, English, Physics, World History, U.S. History, Sociology, and Physical Education. P.E. was like the only decent class there was; at least there was something to do than just sit at a desk. Making license plates and community service sounded a lot more fun than having to be bombarded with a lot of classroom sitting and not much time to socialize with her friends. Also, she often wished she could go back in time and experienced high school like Mom did.

Society had eliminated all the Fine Arts classes from the public school system in the city of Manhattan, New York. If you wanted to learn how to sing, act, dance, or be some other kind of artist, you had to learn it outside of school. To this day, when school in general had stopped being fun for Debbie and her peers, she had felt rebellious to those snob jackasses of society, but not nearly enough to get anymore suspensions or lectures from Mom about it. People like them wanted to maintain easy control and have everyone be the same as they were. Debbie wouldn’t be one of those protestors out on the streets, not when her mother had her strict reasons against it. Life in the city wasn’t exactly all peaceful and safe. Debbie eventually developed her concept of being a protestor meant something suicidal. The cops weren’t any better than those idiots at school. A riot could break out at any time of the day and the cops would be all over them, armed with tazers, tear gas, and night sticks.

She chuckled to herself and thought, I get one day of absolute freedom, and I get to spend some of my time with Zidane Tribal and company. Heh heh, sweet... In Debbie’s own version of heaven, nothing could come any closer than this. If it were other games like Final Fantasy Seven, or Devil May Cry, similar experiences she was going to have with the F.F. Nine characters would also be heaven. It was a world in which no one would have to be one and the same. It wouldn’t a world in which lacked fun in education. To simply put it...Debbie’s own heaven definitely wouldn’t suck.

For the last two minutes, she was debating over which matching bras and panties to wear, just in case she got a chance to do a little more than just hang out with either one of the Tribal brothers. It was to be a “just in case” thing. Yes, Debbie had thought about being in bed with either of them before, a few times. It would be kind of weird to actually experience, but oh, what the heck. If either of them wanted to sleep with her, she wouldn’t have much to think about before saying yes.

She decided to go with black and lacy on a whim before she could change her mind and pick something else. If it ever came down to one of her extremely girlish fantasies coming true, then the under garments wouldn’t stay on for more than a minute. Debbie shrugged to herself. Reality came, and if the game developers or whoever were going to supervise, then those inner fantasies would probably not happen.

“Wouldn’t hurt to be prepared anyway,” she said to herself softly, as she turned toward the shower stand in her bathroom. Debbie felt a smirk creep up onto her pink lips. No, it wouldn’t hurt at all...

This was to be an experience she would never forget. Gaia was infinitely going to be a lot more fun and a hell of a good time than plain average, grueling every day life on Earth.
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