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Title: Ambivalent Lucidity: Rewrite (21/24)
Rating: R
Author: sakaim
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: When Draco Malfoy's mental health mysteriously declines, he is placed under the care of the only person he responds to: Harry Potter.
Warnings: Violence, rape, character death, mental illnesses (Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress, Paranoid Schizophrenia), slash, Pre-HBP

Nymphadora Tonks was not sure what she was thinking when she rushed forward, but she did. She did not rush for Lucius nor Harry, but for the boy tied to the statue, crying and struggling against the ropes holding him there. Neither Lucius nor Harry moved an inch as she passed, and she hurried over the frozen pool to the angel statue. “Draco, I’m going to let you down; we’re going to get you out of here,” she whispered, and she watched as the boy gave a half-hearted jerk against the ropes. “Just relax…”

She tried to cut the ropes by magical means but was unable, and so she pulled out a serrated knife and began cutting them manually. “If you cut me, I swear to God…” Draco trailed off. Tonks gave him a snarky little smirk then rolled her eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me!” What an inappropriate time for Draco to be getting touchy, she thought, but she realized that she may not even have been speaking to Draco. The tears had stopped falling down his blotchy face, and he had a hard look about him. Tonks frowned and cut the last rope before dropping the knife in time to catch Draco as he fell the six inches he had been elevated by his father. They tumbled to the snow together in a tangle of clumsy limbs, and Tonks would have laughed had the situation not been so damned serious. Draco was not laughing, either.

Draco helped her to her feet and the pair of them fled back to the rest of the Order members that were in attendance, and Draco watched from behind them as Harry, seeing now that Draco was safe, finally initiated the beginning of the duel. He cast a Shield Charm around himself silently before he slashed his wand through the air. “Expelliarmus!” he yelled, and Lucius’s wand fell to the ground while the man himself stumbled backward. Harry was displeased to see that he did not fall. “Is that all it’s going to take, Lucius? Me disarming you? Pathetic!” he snorted, and he watched as Lucius grabbed his wand again.

Though that had been easier than he had anticipated, he had the feeling that this would not be a simple duel. Lucius brandished his wand at Harry and flicked it. “Crucio,” he scarcely more than breathed, and suddenly Harry was on the ground, screaming, writhing in agony. Pain was shredding through his every muscle and bone, and the snow around him was cold comfort from the heat that was searing through him. Lucius began to laugh, the sound starting low and deep then transforming into an insane cackle that would haunt Harry’s dreams forever…if he ever dreamed again. Harry wanted to open his eyes, to seek out Draco in the small crowd, but he knew that his eyes would surely pop out of his head if he tried.

Tonks heard the blonde boy make a small, strangled sound behind her, and she glanced back to see him on his knees in the snow, watching Harry through his fingers. “Don’t worry,” she said quietly in what she hoped was a soothing tone. In reality, it was shaking and frightened-sounding, and did no more than frighten Draco further. “Harry will pull through, Draco…”

“Why aren’t you doing anything?!” Draco hissed, pointing at her. “You’re a fucking Auror, aren’t you? Fucking DO something!” He felt powerless because he knew that Harry and his father had not named seconds in their duel, and in all reality, he wanted Harry to finish Lucius. He wanted the boy whom he had been ordered under the influence of the Imperius curse to woo to kill the man who had done this horrible injustice to him, Draco.

Lucius released the curse on Harry, who took a deep shuddering breath after but rose back to his feet. “Resorting to old habits, are we, Malfoy?” he choked out, and he resumed his offensive stance again. The pair circled each other glaring, though Lucius’s glare was dripping with amusement, and Harry stepped forward. “Incarcerous!” he yelled harshly, though Lucius blocked the curse, and Harry flicked his wand again. “Stupefy!” Again, his curse was dodged, and Harry growled in fury.

“This is what Dumbledore sends against the Dark Lord!” Lucius laughed, and he shook his head. “He can’t even incapacitate me! Come on, Potter, give me your best! You’re holding back, and it’s truly pathetic! How can you ever expect to protect yourself, much less my son, if you can’t even hit me with anything? Incendio!”

Harry’s robes caught flame at the bottom, and Harry stomped out the flames until there was no more smoke. “Fuck you, Malfoy,” he hissed, and he shook his head before he began throwing every curse he could think of at the man. They seemed to bounce off him, and Lucius was laughing through it all.

“You should have been better at Occlumency, boy! Then you would have never landed yourself in this mess!”

That was what did it. Harry’s guilt at failing his Occlumency attempts, therefore killing Sirius, was what made him throw his wand aside and leap at Lucius Malfoy. There was a collective gasp from the Order members as Harry launched himself at the man, his fist raised in the air, and when he hit, he and Lucius tumbled to the snowy ground. “You son of a bitch!” Harry growled as he punched every part of Lucius Malfoy he could reach. “You sodding bastard! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” There was the sickening crack of Lucius’s nose beneath Harry’s fist.

Draco moved to step forward, wanting to do anything, but Remus held him back. “No, Draco,” he said quietly, looking down at his former student and seeing a fire, a passion in his eyes that he had never seen when he was in his class. Draco Malfoy had always been such a shit, possibly because he knew that Remus was a werewolf, thanks to Lucius, but now, as the blonde boy struggled to rescue his lover from the wrath of his father, Remus Lupin felt a surge of affection for the boy he scarcely knew. “Harry will take care of it…You will only complicate things.”

“Complicate things!” Draco snorted, and he searched for his wand in his robes. “Complicate things my arse! This is all my fault in the first fucking place, Lupin!” He found his wand and drew it sharply, but Remus grabbed it and held the end. “Fucking hell, Lupin!”

“Leave it!” Remus growled, wolflike, and Draco snarled at him. “Leave it, and Harry will take care of it! Until something happens, we are not to interfere!”

“But we could kill him for Harry!” Draco whispered, his anger quickly devolving into desperation. “Please…” But Remus did not answer, and Draco squeezed his eyes shut.

Lucius was completely taken by surprise when Harry launched himself at him, and he yelled upon impact with the ground. He had never really been punched before, save for the scuffle between him and Arthur Weasley a few years previous, but it had been nothing like this. His hands reached up, and he tried to choke Harry, his nose pouring blood. It would have been broken, he assumed, but he had not felt the crack. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins like liquid mercury, and he saw glimpses of his son struggling to get to them. He wanted Draco there, wanted the boy to see him kill Harry so he could love him, Lucius, instead. After all, he had been the one to raise him, to shape him into the man he was becoming, and he was very proud of Draco; it was only natural that he should have a surge of sexual passion for him as well. “Draco,” he rasped, Harry’s hands around his neck, and he tilted his chin to the sky. “Draco, I do this for you…”

“SHUT UP!” Draco screamed from his place at Lupin’s side, and he watched in horror as Lucius seemed to find strength within himself, for he suddenly rolled with Harry in the snow, rolling on top of him and punching him in return. Harry was flailing beneath the man, and Draco stared as Lucius’s hands wrapped around Harry’s throat and began asphyxiating him. “STOP IT!”

Lucius laughed and released Harry’s throat at once, but he did not move from his place astride him. He could see fear in Harry’s eyes, but he could see loathing, too, and terrible, terrible darkness that he did not even dare to ponder. “You foolish boy,” he purred silkily, his hand lifting up to stroke against the stubble along Harry’s chin. “Hardly a man, and already so much in love…Foolishness. Love may be the reason you have for living, Potter, but it will be the end of you.”

Harry’s eyes followed Lucius’s right hand as it moved to the wand in the grass. Harry’s own wand hand grasped for his own wand, but it was too far, too far to reach, and he turned his head to look at Draco. Their eyes met as Lucius’s wand pressed to his Adam’s apple, and he mouthed something at him which Draco did not understand.

As the words “Avada Kedavra” rang through the air, the flash of green forced Harry’s eyes closed, and Draco Malfoy’s howl, animalistic, ripped through the air with force.

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