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There aren't many of these around here, oddly enough.

This is a community mainly for Final Fantasy artists/writers/shrine keepers/etc. Post here concerning fanfics/fanart of all kinds, of any particular Final Fantasy game. Other works for Square games are welcome too! (As well as Enix, I guess. ^_^;)


~Feel free to post up links to fanfics/fanart, or the actual works themselves. Please nothing TOO HUGE however -- huge multi chapters, gigant-o wallpapers, etc.

~LJ-cut is your friend. Use it on longer entries, so you don't clog everyone's friends pages. Also use it on hentai-ish artwork. Just so we don't piss anyone off.

~Comments are good. Flames are not. Wait, I scratch that... flames are hilarious! And a testament to your own inner insecurities! :P

~Only post concerning fanworks... there are TONS of communities on every final fantasy. And if there isn't... well... make one! ^_^

~Advertising is okay, so long as it doesn't get out of hand and has something to do with the community.

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